Bror Boije

Functional ele¬gance. Bror Boije is part of Swedish furniture history.

His breakthrough came in the 1970s with his tubular steel armchair Wing. Since then he has designed furniture that has attracted a good deal of attention, some for international producers and many for Swedese, of which some have become collectors’ items.

As an opponent of decoration and a supporter of usefulness, Boije’s designs are about elucidating rather than accentuating. The result is functional, yet elegant. Boije comes from the generation edu¬cated during the Red years, the era of 68, when one spoke of “us” and not “I”. Similar to many of his generation his guiding star has been the Bauhaus school.

Bror Boije was born in 1942 in Gothenburg. During the early sixties he worked at Volvo’s design department. He then worked as both a furniture designer and an interior decorator for the H&M shops and Sweden’s National Bank. More recently he’s received a lot of attention for his catamaran-like house. Since 1970 he’s received many prizes and accolades.