Swedese Repair

Certified refurbishment gives much-loved Lamino an even longer life


We cherish the things we love. And when you've chosen to buy timeless quality, you probably want to feel confident that any updating needed will be done properly and won't affect the value of your Lamino armchair.

So we have established Swedese Repair – a service in line with our sustainable approach and high quality standards.

Designer refurbishment by certified upholsterers

With their unique expertise and using original parts supplied by Swedese, our certified upholsterers can offer customers first-class refurbishment, reupholstery or repair of a range of items including old Lamino Easy Chairs.

Using a Swedese-certified upholsterer is one way of guaranteeing that your Lamino will maintain the same high quality even when it is being housed by one of your grandchildren many years from now.

About Lamino

Lamino was designed by Swedese’s founder Yngve Ekström and launched in 1956, after several years in development. In Lamino, Yngve created a much-loved classic and the company’s first really big success story. His express aim was to create furniture that would outlive temporary trends and design fads. Lamino’s comfort and dainty elegance are typical of Yngve Ekström's designs. Its laminated bentwood has been one of the mainstays of Swedese’s output since inception.

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