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Tailored spaces for human living

We create furniture for life, inspired by both urban environments and the Nordic natural landscape.


Furniture and interior details always exist in a context. A house. A room. What’s special about our Home Collection is that each context is also someone’s home. Possibly yours. We make furniture with a strong identity, always with a timelessness that allows them to blend into different environments. The quality and degree of craftsmanship in our furniture will allow you to enjoy them for a long time, through changing trends and phases of life.

For each Home Collection, we make a selection of current colors, materials and finishes. Our selections always take into account previous collections, and add something new. This makes the current collection a natural continuation that you will be able to live with for a long time.

Bringing a popular piece of furniture back, after being out of production for a few years, must be solid proof of timeless and sustainable design. There are shapes and lines that simply will never get outdated. Solid is all of that - now back in our sofa and easy chair range after being away for some time.

Our Home Collection highlights a selection of our products for the home. A mix of timeless classics from our early years, much-loved products that have been added to our range recently and exciting new products, all with a future ahead of them.

Organic shapes, stem-like legs and layer-glued laminate; Flower has such a unique design and construction that it has become a signature for Swedese. Flower is available in two heights, creating opportunities to play with lines and patterns when you choose to place them together.

The Breeze table comes in two sizes and heights, and is also available with flat table top.

The Breeze table, design by Monica Förster.

The Breeze table, by Monica Förster, is inspired by a soft summer breeze creating small waves in a tablecloth, forever conveying a memory of a lazy summer’s day.

The tables fit naturally in both stylishly sober environments and creatively sparkly ones.
We call it sophisticated simplicity. Bespoke is available in several different sizes and designs and can be ordered in a variety of colors and types of wood.

Bespoke is a stylish table family, with members of different sizes and materials, designed by Roger Persson.

Stella is a whole series of chairs, which fits just as well at home as in the office. Both upholstery and base can be adapted to match formal as well as more relaxed environments.

Savoa performs a low-key balancing act that adds a sculptural quality to the room.

Savoa by Sakari Hartikainen is a series of tables that come in four different sizes. Individually or in a group

Yngve Ekström’s Lamino did not come about by chance. It’s a life’s work and the result of a constant search for simplicity. While looking for the perfect curve, predecessors as well as successors to Lamino have been created.

Home Collection