Consideration, functionality and a special care for the user.


Care for the human body is an important part of creating furniture at Swedese, that has always been the case. Sometimes, however, the context requires more than usual of our products and we are happy to meet those requirements.

Our selected segment for healthcare environments copes with those situations where extra care for the user and specially developed functions are needed.

Our goal is to make furniture that will promote well-being, providing extra care through adaptations for each specific situation and environment. Consideration for patients as well as healthcare professionals can manifest themselves as hygienic and functional materials, adapted dimensions, but also in providing great variety in color and shape. We have great respect for the importance of a pleasant and stimulating environment to create the best conditions for well-being.

With the Care segment, we never limit ourselves to only addressing healthcare environments. Rather, it is the built-in consideration that defines which products are included in the segment. A piece of furniture in this segment might just as well be a stylish and practical TV sofa in a modern home, or a comfortable chair with wheels, placed in a conference room where you want a soft and harmonious feel.

Selected for Care