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With great respect for our heritage, we have practised the art of creating furniture for more than 75 years. Always with simplicity and innovation as a guiding principle. Driven by curiosity, we continue to move forward, inspired by nature, culture and architecture. Welcome to explore our range.

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Lamino by Swedese

Yngve Ekström designed the Lamino chair in 1956, creating a typical example of timeless design. He had the human body as a starting point, resulting in a chair as pleasant to look at as to sit in. In 1999, Lamino was declared the piece of the century by the readers of Swedish interior design magazine 'Sköna hem', and today it can be found in hundreds of thousands of homes in Sweden and the world. Lamino is a highly appreciated armchair, often inherited between generations.
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Lamino by Swedese

Swedese repair

Certifierad renovering ger älskad Lamino ännu längre liv

Det man älskar det vårdar man. Och när du valt att handla tidlös kvalitet vill du antagligen känna dig säker på att de renoveringar som behövs görs ordentligt och inte påverkar värdet på din Lamino-fåtölj. Därför har vi utvecklat Swedese Repair – en tjänst i linje med vårt hållbarhetstänk och våra höga kvalitetskrav.
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Certifierad renovering ger älskad Lamino ännu längre liv

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