Swedese launches Savoa, a sculptural table with a delicate balance

Swedese is launching a series of tables called Savoa in collaboration with Finnish industrial designer Sakari Hartikainen. The table is made of solid oak with sculptural shapes, that shows the characteristics of the wood. The design is characterized by playfulness and flexibility.

The new table in three sizes, has a light feel in the visual expression while maintaining the strength of the solid construction. The table is created with great craftsmanship and ecological thinking, in line with Sakari Hartikainen's design philosophy. Savoa is the first collaboration between the Swedish furniture company Swedese and finish designer Sakari Hartikainen. The process has been an exciting challenge for both parties.

“It looks simple, but there are many parameters that must be matched for a perfect result. Savoa stands out from everything else we have launched, but at the same time, with its organic design language we instinctively felt this was right for Swedese"

Sakari Hartikainen works internationally in product, furniture and concept design, and work in the field of both home and public environments. He sees beauty in the simplest of things and creates honest, smart and clean products that speak for themselves. The strong presence of the furniture leaves room for the user to move freely and discover new possibilities.

"Savoa is a sculptural expression of the delicate balance we all seek in life. Strong but flexible, traditional but innovative, solid but light"

With extensive knowledge of the wood's properties and potential, the Finnish designer creates furniture with high quality and function. Sakari Hartikainen strives to design products that establish emotional ties with the user, which also results in the products lasting over time and ageing with dignity. Just in line with the design philosophy at Swedese.

For further information, please contact:

Elias Stenberg, marketing manager Swedese Möbler AB
+46 393 797 02

Maria Hartog-Holm, senior PR-consultant, Trendgruppen PR
+46 72 924 22 19

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