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Colours and shapes

Long-term choices create room for trends and impulses


When it comes to colours and materials, Swedese offers enormous freedom of choice. However, to create consistency and a result that both feels new and works over time, we collaborate with talented interior stylist Tina Hellberg.

News to the year - Savoa

Sculptural shapes reflect the characteristics of wood

The Savoa table is created by Finnish designer Sakari Hartikainen. With its sculptural form and honest simplicity, the table is typical of his design. Savoa is our first collaboration with Sakari Hartikainen and the process has been an exciting challenge. The simple expression, along with an advanced construction is unlike anything we have done before, at the same time, Savoa has an organic design language that instinctively feels right for Swedese.
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Sculptural shapes reflect the characteristics of wood
"It's about colours, patterns and structures in textiles - but just as much the choice of wood and finish. Tactility has played an important role in creating the right feeling."

Tina's work for Swedese is characterized by a conscious long-term perspective and an continuous play with colours, which makes room for both previous favorites and new impulses. Colours, structures and materials work together to convey a distinct feeling.

The choices are based on a colour scale, which can be divided into three colour tracks.

The yellow shades could be seen already last year vary from mustard to bright yellow and all the way to the tangy yellow accent on the Avavick stool. The red track is new. It contains a rich and quite bold accent colour that goes well with the more neutral colours. The green is not completely new, but takes a stronger place in this year's palette and will continue to expand during the year.

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