Swedese delivers take-away to Team Sweden in Bocuse d’Or

On 26–27 September, the final of the world’s most prestigious competition for chefs, Bocuse d’Or, will be held in Lyon, with Sebastian Gibrand leading Team Sweden. New to the competition this year is a take-away theme that ties in with the challenges faced by the restaurant industry worldwide during the pandemic. A three-course meal will be presented in a take-away box designed and made by each team.

Jens Fager is the Creative Director of the Swedish entry and has been responsible for developing the box, in close collaboration with Swedese and Sebastian Gibrand and his team. This is the seventh time Jens has taken on the challenge of being design manager for Team Sweden, both in the European competition and in the final in Lyon. The take-away box, like the food, will be judged by the jury according to set criteria. These include how well the chefs have succeeded in conveying their national identity, and the level of craftsmanship.

-The challenge has been to design a box that serves its function, showcases each individual dish and gives that wow factor. While the box should add to the experience, the focus must always be on the food – everything else is just there to enhance it, explained Jens Fager.

Jens Fager contacted Swedese at the start of the summer with a vision and his design. Swedese was chosen because it was a demanding job with a tight deadline.

“I associate Swedese with quality and an intuitive approach. After all the product is going to be examined closely and assessed, which puts a lot of pressure on the maker. And I didn’t want to come with a completed idea; there had to be scope to develop it with the team. It’s great when you can allow for contributions from other professions,”

The Swedish box is an advanced piece of handiwork made entirely from ash, with a lid made using a steam bending technique. Each part features selected wood and every detail is hand made.

-Ash is a wood that is both strong and delicate, with a distinct character. The blond wood feels typically Scandinavian and together with the design it conveys a clear Swedish touch,” said Jens Fager.

Mats Grennfalk is Product Development Manager at Swedese. Together with his product development team, he has worked closely with Jens Fager to deliver the product in the short time available.

-It’s been a fantastic project to work on. There’s been lots of discussion and the final product has emerged from a thorough process. We’re incredibly proud of the result and have been working flat out for the gold,” said Mats Grennfalk.

"We’re incredibly proud of the result and have been working flat out for the gold,”