Sincerely Vaggeryd

Simon Mattisson and Tora Kirchmeier, BA Design students at Beckmans College of Design, have designed "Sincerely Vaggeryd" as a part of the design collaboration project All Thoughts Welcome. "Sincerely Vaggeryd" is a series with a bench and two tables.

Photo: Emil Fagander
Photo: Emil Fagander

"Sincerely Vaggeryd" is a modular furniture system reminiscent of cursive handwriting. Easily varied in size and function; elongated to eternity, or abruptly cut off.

Inspired by the rich heritage of Swedese’s work with bentwood veneer, Simon and Tora had a desire to translate our classic design language into a new context. “Sincerely Vaggeryd” is the result of experimentation with repetition, rotation and combination of already existing press moulds, creating shapes completely detached from the purpose for which they were originally created.

The design collaboration All Thoughts Welcome

All Thoughts Welcome is a collaboration between 13 BA Design students and six Swedish furniture producers. The students have worked in teams of two or three, creating a piece of furniture within a given brief, seeing their partner company’s current collection through their own eyes.

Photo: Emil Fagander