Bocuse d’Or Team Sweden in collaboration with Swedese

In collaboration with Bocuse d’Or Team Sweden and designer Sara Gibrand, Swedese produced the platter used by chef Jimmi Eriksson and his team in the competition in Budapest on 23-24 March 2022.

The platter is designed by Sara Gibrand and produced in close collaboration with competing chef Jimmi Eriksson and Swedese. The inspiration comes from Jimmis favorite era, art deco, which became the main theme in the design process. The challenge was to create something that stands out, with no resemblance with previous platter used in the Bocuse d’Dor competition.

The first prototype was made out of foam, where the outer corian rim was attached. Then the hand blown glass was added, together with the hand forged brass and laser cut brass details, mirrors and small crystals.

”From the beginning, we found a theme to work with, and we stuck to it throughout the entire project in this great collaboration, Sara Gibrand, designer, says.
Jimmi Eriksson was qualified for the finale in Lyon in January 2023. His commis, assistant, Thilda Mårtensson was awarded Best Commis during the competition in Budapest. Team Sweden also got the Best Platter prize.
”We really completed each other in this project, and the success with the final product is the result of this”, says Mats Grennfalk, Product Development Manager at Swedese.

The collaboration between Bocuse d´Dor Team Sweden started in 2021, when Swedese produced a take out-box used for a new part of the competition that year. Team Sweden was awarded for best Take out-box, and chef Sebastian Gibrand ended up on 5th place in the competition.

Photo: Sebastian Petterson