Experimental zeal along with thorough knowledge of materials

Our furniture is made in our own factories in Småland, just as it was when we started over 75 years ago.

There are elements in the manufacturing process of some products, for example Lamino, that require the same level of craftsmanship today as in the 1950s. For other parts of the process we employ modern techniques, and these give us entirely new opportunities to put our exciting ideas into physical form.

People who visit us are often struck by the craftsmanship that goes into each unique product leaving our factories. The precision and manual input in our production process allows us to produce furniture and designer pieces that would otherwise be impossible.

One of our factories is in Vaggeryd, adjacent to our main office, the other is in Äng, outside Nässjö. This is where our furniture comes into being, in a close partnership between our product development and production colleagues. With full control over the whole manufacturing chain – from the prototype workshop that transforms the designer's idea and sketches into a producible product through to every step in production – we can take on even the most advanced challenges.

The close cooperation between product development and production makes it very easy for us to be responsive and customise our products for specific settings and needs.