Lamino Edition

Duality - Wingårdh & Wingårdh


Gert Wingårdh is one of Sweden's most acclaimed architects, with extensive experience and exceptional creativity. Rasmus Wingårdh has an impressive background in the fashion industry. Together, they form Wingårdh & Wingårdh, where they explore and create beyond their areas of expertise. Their creative journey combines maximalism and minimalism, light and darkness, yin and yang, in the concept of Duality.

"We have worked with a chair that was designed in the 1950s by Yngve Ekström and viewed it through today's aesthetic values. One foot in the past and one foot in the future."

Rasmus and Gert Wingårdh

"Our interpretation of the Lamino is a tribute to exactly what we appreciate in it. It is the shapes that has been our whole inspiration during the creation of the collection. It was important to streamline the objects as much as possible, while at the same time try to make the elements that make them beautiful in our eyes pop."

Black and white, contrasts - duality

Lamino Duality is a limited edition, with 300 pieces made.

The Duality collection consists of the Lamino easy chair, foot-stool, table and plaid.

The Lamino table, a pretty and elegant small side table.

"In my opinion, good design is a balance between something commercial and something creative. It's a dance, not a conflict."

The project has primarily been about highlighting craftsmanship and create something that honors the beloved and iconic Lamino chair. Rasmus emphasizes that they have not only incorporated their own design philosophies but also focused on accentuating what is already there:

"What I truly respect about Swedese is their craftsmanship and all the fantastic collaborators we've had the pleasure of working with throughout the project. For us, the project was about showcasing craftsmanship as much as possible, and not about implementing our own design philosophy. To be asked to leave our mark on a beloved and iconic chair like the Lamino is a great honor, and I hope we have done it justice. Design can be copied or discarded, but refining it is a rare opportunity."

Lamino Edition 2023 - Duality