A Solid classic is back


Bringing a popular piece of furniture back, after being out of production for a few years, must be solid proof of timeless and sustainable design. There are shapes and lines that simply will never get outdated. Solid is all of that – now back in our sofa and easy chair range after being away for some time.

In its standard design, Solid is neither loud nor groundbreaking, but it adds style and comfort to almost any room. Simple lines and clean shapes give Solid the ability to take on new expressions depending on upholstery, accessories and surroundings. Choose between a three- or two-seater sofa and an easy chair. Optionally, there are rectangular and cylindrical armrest cushions or decorative cushions. These are sold in pairs and upholstered in the same textile or leather as your sofa or easy chair.

For the new launch, Solid has received new back and seat cushions to increase comfort and make it a more sustainable choice. The seat cushions are filled with a down and feather mixture together with shredded foam, which is a recycled product. The back cushions have a down, feather and polyester fiber mix instead, which make the cushions retain their shape better. The adjustments have allowed us to reduce the amount of cold foam filling, thus improving sustainability. Solid is one of our most flexible sofas, a stylish chameleon with great adapting skills.

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