Swedese presents the 2021 collection – a harmonious color scale in earthy tones

Swedese, the Swedish design and craft company with local production in Småland and the world as a market, presents in the spring of 2021 a finely cohesive collection in an earthy color scale. Classics and new interior details are displayed in new upholstery and colors, composed into a whole by interior designer Tina Hellberg.

Swedese's characteristic woods together with earthy tones from creme to pink and English red give the collection a harmonious and well-cohesive expression. Craftsmanship, quality and sustainability are synonymous with Swedese. Now some of the timeless design objects are updated with new material choices and colors.

Tina Hellberg explains, - There are a variety of choices and the interior designer or architect can always choose the design of a Swedese piece of furniture. My task is to inspire both customers and sellers with new designs that surprise, feel right in time and are aesthetically pleasing.

The new 2021 collection

The stool, Avavick, designed by Katja Pettersson, with inspiration from northern Sweden with snow-covered landscape and classic Swedish sweeping craftsmanship, is available in untreated beech and in lacquered beech in new colors: beige pink, amber glow, persimmon, afternoon sun and lemon & cream. Avavick is part of the collection "A New Collection" which was specially designed for the Swedish National Museum's restaurant.

The Amstelle armchair, designed by Khodi Feiz, fits equally well in public and private environments. Available in the 2021 collection: legs in white pigmented oak and legs in cream-colored steel in addition to the original legs in oak or ash, as well as two different designs on upholstery in different colors.

In the Comma series, consisting of mirrors and trays, designer Mia Lagerman has investigated the possibilities of the circular shape, where the frame resembles a comma, which gives it a significant expression. All mirrors and trays are made of bentwood, which is also significant for Swedese. Round Comma mirror and tray are now available in addition to black-stained ash or ash nature also in the new versions of lacquered ash in English red and beige/pink.

The small curved table Figure in bentwood was designed by Björn Sundelin and was originally designed for a student café. In addition to natural-colored or black ash veneer, it isavailable in beige pink and lemon & crème in lacquered ash.

Laminett is the younger brother to the famous, classic Lamino chair, designed by Yngve Ekström in the 1950´s. The chair is somewhat smaller, with a shorter back. Available in oiled walnut, in a sheepskin called Espresso.

”Swedese befinner sig just nu i en tillväxtperiod där vi ser en fantastisk efterfrågan på våra kollektioner. Vi har skapat en helt ny kommunikativ plattform. Den gör det möjligt att både inspirera och informera, med en förfinad sortimentsstruktur, framförallt i våra digitala kanaler.” - Sonnie Byrling, vd
“Over the last year, we have carried out extensive work with the Swedese brand, covering everything from how we express ourselves in words and images to how we categorize our range, all the time with a focus on the future and a clear connection to our roots." - Elias Stenberg, Marketing Manager